Mahatria’s unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced by the world. He believes that materialism and spiritualism are not conflicting concepts but collaborating truths in creating a new consciousness in the world. Triggered by this pursuit of lifting the collective consciousness to this truth, Mahatria’s teachings combine experiential and contemporary methods to inspire breakthroughs regardless of age, social strata or geographic boundaries. His teachings appeal to both the mind and the heart; He explains the ‘WHY’ behind all the mysteries and paradoxes of life that each of us face and that strikes an emotional chord.


Corporate Guests

Running a business and running an organisation are not the same thing. To truly achieve impact as an economic driver, a business must grow to become an organisation that creates employment on a large scale, directly and indirectly, and that serves to constantly and continually educate communities internally and externally. The power of a corporate entity, to positively shape a country's future, is often underestimated or overlooked. Mahatria Ra, with a proven track record of transformation in educational, social, state and corporate entities, opens up a powerful school of thought to corporates in South Africa who wish to take advantage of this limited opportunity.

"The beginning is from where you begin. Begin Today. Begin Now. Focus your energies in being an architect of your future"

Mahatria Ra

Retreat Attendees

Why choose between 'this or that' when a holistic life of 'This AND That' is possible? After transforming thousands of lives across the globe, Mahatria will be held in South Africa in April 2018 with This AND That, a life-transforming 2 day intensive retreat to help you effortlessly balance the paradoxes of life. A few unanswered questions could be slowing down your progress... stopping you from being the infinite possibility you are created to be.  You deserve the best... Abundance is your birthright!

Experience this uniquely designed, life transforming "Residential Retreat'.