My Resolve     

Utter the following words and observe the feelings it kindles in you.  Flowers, rainbow, Buddha, baby, darling, sunrise, love, ecstasy, friend, gift, Top of the World…  Now utter these words and observe the feelings.  War, thorn, volcano, Osama, graveyard, betrayal, crisis, suffering, hatred, pulling on

Words have the power to make or break me.  I know my attitude shape my altitude but my very attitude is shaped by my thinking and my thinking is shaped by my words.  My words create the fabric of my reality.  They give voice to my thoughts.  I have to create my own dictionary of words by replacing my limiting vocabulary with resourceful vocabulary.  From now I will use the word ‘challenges’ instead of ‘problems’; ‘I am feeling on Top of the World’ than the mundane ‘Okay and fine’; ‘Lessons learned’ than ‘failures’; ‘I invest time’ and not ‘I spend time’ and the list is endless.

Words are the flowering of my thoughts.  The quality of my vibrations is carried in my words.  These vibrations affect or infect my world.  I will unlearn the words that create guilt and learn the words that create celebrations.  I will unlearn the words that limit me and learn the words that create me.  My words create my world.  For the next one month, I will operate with a new tongue.

My Resolve – Nothing but those words that create a flowering in my heart and in the hearts of those who hear my voice will come out of my tongue.


Written by: Mahatria Ra