The New Year is well on its way. When a child is born, it brings joy to the family as they eagerly watch their child attempt to stand up and walk and soon begin to look forward to the child speaking their first words. But at the same time, it also makes everyone alert, as parents will try to prevent the child from falling down and watch the child’s every movement. This is how we should welcome the New Year — with the very same joy and alertness, living it’s every moment completely. With the beginning of the New Year, our hearts are filled with hope that the future will bring about good times and positive changes.

However, things may not always happen as we expect as we may likely face obstacles and hardships. Spirituality teaches us to face everything with a smile. Mahatria explains, for one who knows swimming, the sea waves are delightful, whereas for the one who cannot swim, the sea and its waves are terrifying; one might even drown. Similarly, what helps us face the ups and downs of life are proper knowledge and the proper attitude.

In order to receive the grace of God, we should bring compassion into everything we do. People who do not gain arrogance at success, does not falter at failure, delights in giving and accepts criticism gracefully can never fail. If external situations are harsh, these very people will remain unaltered within. Even the longest journey starts with the first small step. Let each of us continue the New Year by making small changes.

If each of us can do this, it may mark the beginning of a new age altogether! Surrender to the Paramatman and move forward together with one mind towards a single goal


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