Through the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to forget that there are forces greater than us at play all around us. One of the greatest forces in human history is built by the collective drive of entrepreneurs all around the world. Entrepreneurs have persevered over centuries to offer our communities a myriad of avenues that make life easier, less painful and more enjoyable.Listen to the Mahatria Ra share his utmost respect for entrepreneurs:

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Kaarthikeyan D R – Director General, National Human Rights Commission

“Mahatria is a path-breaker and path-finder and a cosmic gift to the present day individual and society facing worsening crisis. I am amazed by his originality, in-depth knowledge of scriptures, incisive analysis, inspirational thoughts, courage of conviction and inimitable felicity of expressing the most profound thoughts, and the unique power of impacting the audience to awaken humanity.”