Waking up in the morning is difficult only for as long as sleep is more pleasurable than anything else. The moment that something more exciting than sleep comes along, we sacrifice the sleep for the alternative. Watch as Mahatria Ra explains:

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Keerthana Kumar – Software Engineer, Microsoft Seattle

“For the past 20 years I have been an adherent seeker of my beloved Guru Mahatria and the path of Infinitheism.

In 1998, at the age of 17, I was fortunate to attend Mahatria’s discourse, in the first session he told us all, “I’m not going to say something radically new that you did not already know but the way I’m going to say it is going to make all the difference”.

Till today, after 20 years, this simplicity yet remarkable depth has remained a corner stone of His teachings. The simplicity with which he explains the most complicated subjects like God, Love, Meditation, Happiness, Peace etc. has helped seekers like me around the world live a very fulfilling life.

Mahatria’s teaching and his spiritual anchoring has been a guiding force in my life. Today I enjoy abundance both financially and in the quality of my life. He says, “Life can delay your goals but can never deny them”, isn’t it simple yet powerful way to look at life. Sometimes when things don’t go my way, I feel deep gratitude towards life because its only testing me by delaying but it cannot deny my desire. Every passing day my beloved Mahatria has blessed me with pearls of wisdom so I can achieve the illusive balance between success and happiness.

I’m successful in my career, looking forward every day to make more break throughs at Microsoft, while I cherish every moment with my family. Life is no more this or that, Mahatria has blessed me with a life of this and that.”