Anger is a common thread which runs through the fabric of humanity. Despite the vast uniqueness that enshrouds us, so too does a distinct set of human qualities. The Mahatria Ra, a world-renowned spiritual leader, speaks about anger while using an analogy that many of us can relate to: walking past a dog.

While anger is a core emotion, it is also not a catalyst for productivity. Our thoughts and ambitions can so easily be derailed, if we let them, and often times it is quite tasking to pull ourselves back onto a path of righteousness and mental peace. To bring out your true potential for success this year, watch what the Mahatria Ra has to say about anger:

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Suchita Langote Advocate

“Infinitheism has given a beginning to a beautiful spiritual journey in my life. I now see the will of God in everything I face in life. Thank you for awakening the dormant potential within me and giving me the courage to pursue my dreams in the fence of difficulties. You have taught me to THINK BIG, THINK FAST & THINK AHEAD.”